New London School Board Honored at Convention in Des Moines

New London School Board were awarded the Team Achievement Award at the Iowa Association of School Boards Convention on November 16th.

Great individuals make up a team, as Jesse Howard, Tasha Gipple, and Kyle Helmerson all earned the individual achievement award as well, which is presented to just 218 board members from 92 school boards in Iowa.

The awards are given each year to board members, board teams and superintendents/AEA chief administrators/community college presidents who are committed to improving their knowledge and skills by attending IASB-led learning events.

“This year, we have a record number of recipients for the Annual Board Awards program. In each of the three categories, the total number of recipients has nearly doubled from the previous year,” said Elizabeth Brennan, IASB Board President, “I am impressed with the high standard of service that these board members, superintendents/AEA chiefs, and board teams are setting for their peers across the state. They are modeling learning for students in their district, in addition to using that learning to improve education for those same students. Kudos!”

Individual Achievement Award certificates were presented to 218 board members from 92 PK-12 school boards, four area education agency boards and one community college board. Recipients completed a minimum of 15 hours of learning in one year.

Team Achievement Award plaques were presented to 30 school boards who had a majority of board members earn the Individual Achievement Award.

The Award of Honor certificates were presented to 29 superintendents and one AEA chief administrator who completed a minimum of 15 hours of learning in one year; and had at least two individual board members in the district, AEA or community college who earned Individual Achievement Awards.

See the full list of recipients here. Visit the Flickr album for photos with captions.