County Run Ambulance Service Still in Discussion

The Henry County Supervisors and representatives from Henry County Health Center met again Thursday to continue discussion of what transitioning the emergency medical services from HCHC to the county would involve. Following today’s meeting Supervisor Marc Lindeen said his board will take until July 1 to go thru all the information and data from the hospital in order to be prepared to go to the county residents and ask for a September referendum vote.  Lindeen said if the public approves the transition then the county could expect to take over in 2022. Lindeen explained that if the public votes for the change the extra revenue wouldn’t be available until 2022.  He said the county reserves were depleted when the Public Health Department was moved over from the hospital to the county. HCHC Chief Operating Officer Michelle Rosell asked why the actual transition couldn’t take place sooner since there would be revenue coming in shortly after a hand off.  Lindeen wants to see what expenditures will look like for Washington County once a county run ambulance service is operational. He said that date could change if they crunch the numbers and discover the funds are there.