Dangerous Heat Wave Ripping Through Southeast Iowa

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning that is now in effect through Friday at 8pm. This has been prolonged due to there being no respite from the scorching heat. Mt. Pleasant residents can expect the heat index to reach around 87 by 6am on Wednesday morning, and continue to rise throughout the day, reaching its apex at 12 o’clock noon, with the value sitting around 113. It does seem as if we might be in for a very hot week, and temperatures reaching this high are considered dangerous.

Ensure that you are staying inside an air-conditioned area as much as possible. Whether it be your home, vehicle, the library, or burning the midnight oil at work, it is imperative to stay inside. Avoid unnecessary hard work or activities if you are outside or in a building without air conditioning. Being caught outside in this heat for even a short amount of time can be harmful. Loose fitting that is light weight and light colored is key to keeping your body temperature down.

Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are both probable with heat index values of 113. I say it often, but drinking plenty of water, even when you are not thirsty, is a must as it helps regulate body temperature.

No matter where you come from, this heat is dangerous and can harm anybody. Make sure to take preventive measures to ensure that you do not become a casualty to this heat.