Fake Bills used in Fort Madison

The Ft. Madison Police Department recently dealt with an issue at a drive-thru regarding a counterfeit bill. This fake $50 bill was used at a drive-thru, and the FMPD were able to arrest the assailant as a vehicle and driver description were provided.

Typically, these bills are simply photocopies of a single bill. These all have the same serial number as the original. They are also well worn in order to disguise the quality of paper used.

The Burlington Police Department has taken several reports of counterfeit $50 bills being passed at area businesses. According to officers, the ink on these bills looks off and the paper feels different than legal bills. We encourage you to inspect your currency closely.

The FMPD is asking you to contact them if you have any duplicates of a bill. If you’re in possession of a suspicious note of any large denomination, see your banker for assistance.