First inmate tests positive for COVID-19 Transferred From Henry County

The Iowa Dept. of Corrections was notified overnight that the COVID-19 test results for an inmate at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC) were returned positive.

The inmate was a new admission to IMCC, and arrived from Henry County on Thursday, April 16. As part of IMCC’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all new admissions are kept in an intake quarantine cohort for 14-day observation. While in this quarantine observation, the inmate began displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Medical staff then conducted a test on the inmate, which was returned as positive. The inmate is currently in medical isolation, and a thorough contact tracing is taking place to identify any inmates or staff that may have had exposure since his arrival.

The inmate is described as an adult (age 18-40), and was sentenced to prison for drug crimes. Due to privacy laws, no further information can be provided on the inmate. Their family has been notified. The inmate is in stable condition but being monitored by IMCC medical staff around the clock.

The department has been preparing for the eventuality of COVID-19 in the prison system for more than a month. An outline of the steps that have been taken can be found at, and more information related to COVID-19 in the DOC can be found at For members of the public with questions about COVID-19 in the prison system, a hotline is available during business hours Monday-Friday by calling (515) 373-5457.