From the Mount Pleasant School Board Meeting

Monday night the Mount Pleasant School Board met in regular session.  The board approved an agreement for design of the Harvest Drive and Grand Avenue traffic signal and related intersection improvements.  The fee for  the design work is $93,500. The plan is to make the intersection at the entrance to the High School drive safer.  The entire project, including construction costs, is estimated at $600,000.  Board member Josh Maher was the lone “no” vote.  Board President Jennifer Crull noted that if the intersection is not improved, there can not be any additional future construction on the High School site.

Superintendent John Henriksen informed the board that he has discussed grade alike elementary buildings with the principals and has sent a survey out to teachers.  He said when he gets back the survey data he will meet with each elementary building leadership team.

Mr. Henriksen also said he is working with a consultant on the various configurations the board could choose from if it wants to make changes to the composition of the board. For example would it be better if the board had one less district director and one more at large seat? The population changes reflected in the 2020 Census will require the district to adjust the director district boundaries and five of the seven directors will be up for re-election in the fall.