Supt Shares Views on State Legislative Priorities

Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent John Henriksen told the school board Monday night that the district will likely have to do the budget without knowing what the State Supplemental Aid percentage will be.  SSA are funds allocated by the State legislature for school districts based on enrollment.  The Iowa School Board Association believes the aid won’t be decided on until school choice is resolved.  Basically, school choice and education reform at priorities for Governor Reynolds.  This would include a school voucher system considered by some to be state aide for private schools. Opponents to the system believe state funds should be used for the State’s public school systems.

Supt. Henriksen also told the board that Kate Walton with the  Iowa Area Education Agencies is of the opinion that the Governor’s other priorities will be maternal health, tort reform, property taxes and consolidation of services.  Walton is also of the option that Republican priorities are property taxes, education issues, the budge and lessening licensing requirements while the Democrats are focused on raising wages and lowering costs, protecting reproductive freedom, funding public education and legalizing adult use of marijuana.