Great River Health Partners with Aramark

Great River Health has entered into a partnership with Aramark to provide nutrition services at Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center, West Burlington and Fort Madison, Henry County Health Center, and the Klein Center.  All nutrition services employees at the West Burlington and Fort Madison locations along with the Klein Center nutrition services employees will transition to Aramark employees. Henry County Health Center nutrition services employees will maintain their current employment status.

“We made the decision to outsource our nutrition services to maximize efficiency while offering the best services possible across all our campuses for our patients, guests, and employees.  This will also allow us to focus on our core business of providing high quality healthcare,” explained Tomi Hagan, Executive Vice President, Great River Health.

It should be made clear that Great River Health is not laying off any employees. Their nutrition service employees in Fort Madison and West Burlington will be transitioning to become Aramark employees, who they are partnering with.

This change will become effective February 23, 2024.