Shots Fired Incident in Burlington

The Burlington Police Department began an investigation into a shots fired incident reported in the South Hill neighborhood.

Just after 10pm on Saturday, the 16th of December, DESCOM received a call about the sound of gunfire between the 500-block of South 8th and South 9th Streets. Officers converged on the area and located a witness who said the gunfire came from the rear of 411 South 8th Street. New information as released to officers when a witness told them that they had heard two male subjects arguing prior to the gunshots.

Officers contacted the occupants of 411 South 8th Street and questioned them about the incident. While speaking with the occupants, officers observed four shell casings on the ground very close to the residence.

One of the male occupants said he had fired a handgun into the air during an argument with another male. The occupants were cooperative with the officers and allowed officers to enter the residence to secure the handgun. Two handguns were located in a backpack within the residence, and they were placed into evidence along with the shell casings.

Subsequently, Andrew James Keever, 30, has been charged with Discharging A Firearm In City Limits, a simple misdemeanor, for the incident.