Hand Count Audit On November 18

Post-election audits are mandatory in all of Iowa’s 99 counties. Following an election each county auditor’s office must conduct a hand count of one race in a randomly selected precinct.  According to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate post-election audits have consistently matched the ballot tabulators perfectly. On November 18 Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber will head-up the hand counting of ballots from Precinct 3 for the race for Governor and for the constitutional amendment on the ballot. A total of 641 votes were cast in the governor’s race in Precinct 3. There were 527 yes votes and 88 no votes for the constitutional amendment 1. Precinct 3 is comprised of Tippecanoe, Center and Salem Townships along with the cities of Salem, Rome, Hillsboro and Westwood. Secretary Pate added another layer of protection to Iowa’s electoral process by expanding the audits to two races.  He said he hopes this will give greater protection, transparency and security to the process.