HCHC alerts area residents to caller scam

Henry County Health Center would like to alert the public to scam telephone calls that are occurring. HCHC has received reports that community members have been receiving scam phone calls from what appear on caller I.D. to be coming from HCHC telephone numbers.

These scam phone calls identify the caller as someone from HCHC who will be making a home visit followed by the caller asking healthcare questions. Calls have also attempted to get the public to purchase items and stated ways to save money. HCHC would like to make the public aware of these scams and inform the public that these calls are not coming from HCHC and that HCHC is not affiliated with any of these individuals. If you receive a call asking for personal information, do not give out information if the caller cannot identify themselves. To determine if it is a legitimate call from Henry County Health Center, the associate calling would know specifically about the services you are scheduled to receive and would verify that service with you.