HCHC Exceeds Funding Goal for New Safety Vests

Donors to Henry County Health Center Foundation recently made a significant impact on the safety of Henry County EMS.

Mark Hempen, HCHC Foundation Director, is announcing the purchase of Enhanced Multi-Threat Safety Vests for each member of the EMS team.  The vests are bullet, stab and strike resistant.  Also, HCHC Foundation funded the purchase of additional safety plates to be inserted into the vests.

“The response to this project has been overwhelming,” Hempen said.  “EMT’s and paramedics frequently respond to potentially dangerous situations.  These vests provide them with an extra level of safety so they can give lifesaving support without hesitation. We are sincerely grateful to the many individuals, businesses, clubs and organizations that have stepped forward to show their support for the EMS staff by contributing to this project.”

The EMS Vest Campaign ended last week and due to the generosity of contributors, has exceeded the goal.  According to Hempen, “HCHC Foundation will be using the remaining funds to purchase vests for any new EMS team members as they come on board, and to buy chest and back plates for the vests as needed.”

To find out more about a gift to HCHC Foundation, please contact Mark Hempen at mhempen@greatriverhealth.org or call 319-385-6541.