Henry County Democratic Party to Host New Caucus Format on January 15th

The Henry County Democratic Central Committee will be hosting the county’s Democratic Caucuses for all county precincts on January 15, 2024 at 7:00pm at 120 S. Main Street, Suite 103 in Mount Pleasant.


The new Iowa Democratic Caucuses will consist of two parts. One part will be the mail-in expression of Presidential preference. Iowa Democrats will be able to request a presidential preference card through the mail or online.  The last day to request a preference card is February 19, 2024.

The second part will be the in-person precinct caucuses which will be held in-person on January 15, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. The in-person precinct caucuses are when the party conducts traditional party business. Party members elect unbound delegates and alternate delegates to county conventions, elect county central committee members and discuss platform resolutions that can be shared at county conventions. Participants must be in-line or signed-in by 7:00pm to participate.

No Presidential preference will be taken at the in-person precinct caucuses. The results of the mail-in Presidential preference will be released on March 5.


More information, including details about changes to the Iowa caucus process, is available at www.iowademocrats.org/caucus/

The caucus is a great way to get involved in grassroots activities with the Iowa Democratic Party.


All Henry County Democrats are encouraged to attend. Visit www.prohenrycounty.org for more information about the county caucus and other local events.