Henry County Health Center Converting to Cerner

Henry County Health Center will convert to the Cerner electronic health record system Sunday, October 1. This will align the hospital and clinics with Great River Health hospitals and clinics, which already use Cerner.

Shane Tapper, Vice President for Informatics with Great River Health, commented. “This was an important investment as we progress as a health system. By integrating our electronic health record systems, we can provide better continuity of care, leading to improved safety. It facilitates communication between the three campuses, all of the clinics and the care teams. Patients will have one record that includes all of their health information from care received at all locations.”

This project involved a significant financial and human resources commitment. “We had a team of employees throughout the health system dedicated to working on this project,” explained Teresa Colgan, Chief Executive Officer, HCHC. “The amount of effort and commitment they have put forward has been amazing to witness. As we prepare to go live October 1, we ask our patients to allow for extra time when registering and recognize that our associates are becoming familiar with the new system. We want to ensure we capture information accurately and provide the best service and care possible.”

Electronic health record systems provide patient portals that allow patients to view and monitor their health information and test results, schedule appointments and contact their care team. Patients who have portal accounts at HCHC will receive instructions for setting up a new patient portal account. Patients who have an existing portal account with Great River Health will continue using their existing login information to also access their HCHC information.