Henry County Supervisors Meeting with Senator Dickey


September 26, 2023

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes

9:00 Jake Hotchkiss, Engineer Weekly Update

Motion to Hire Full Time Equipment Operator

9:30 Joe Buffington, P & Z Monthly Update

10:00 Mike Norris Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission

Tax Abatement 1405 N Broadway

Other County Business as time allows

Supervisors Sub-Committee Updates

5:00 Iowa Senate Adrian Dickey discussion on HF718


HF718 (House File 718) which originated in the Iowa House of Representatives, promises big changes to counties across the state. This will cause levies to drop to $3.50 by 2029. Currently, the Henry County general basis levy is set at $4.83, requiring a sharp drop in the next six years. The Supervisors will speak with Senator Dickey this evening. They already spoke with Representatives Collins and Shipley last week.