Henry County Proposed Site for 50-90 Wind Turbines

Northern Henry County might soon become the sight for a large wind farm. RWE Renewables, a nuclear electric power generation company, has begun a wind study in our area to determine how many wind turbines would be added to the county. This study began in the summer of 2023, and is set to last for “one to two years” according to a Henry County Supervisor.

RWE is proposing 50-90 turbines in the northern part of the county. Each individual turbine is 650ft at the top of their revolution. Noise pollution is one common issue that has been raised in these discussions. For those a quarter of a mile away, the turbine noise can be likened to that of a constant refrigerator hum. Standing under the turbine at ground level will sound more like a jet plane taking off.

The company has been in contact with landowners to ask if they would allow wind turbines on their property. Landowners are allowed to decline. Each turbine needs at least 40 acres of space to operate.

It is difficult to determine just how big of an impact this will have in our county. The Planning and Zoning Commission first needs to rezone these areas as they are updating the commercial wind ordinance.

This project would, theoretically, generate funds for the county and property owners in the norther portion of Henry.

There is a map in the Henry County Courthouse showing all the landowners that have agreed to this project so far. This project would have a 30,000-acre footprint, while producing 200-300 construction jobs. The minimum amount in landowner payments that can be expected over the 35-year project is 77 million dollars. Meanwhile, 133 million dollars is the amount that Henry County and townships within the project area will receive.

There are many questions that will come with this potential project. RWE is responsible for the deconstruction/decommission of the wind turbines. The scope of this construction and size of these turbines is something we have not seen in our county.

The Henry County Board of Supervisors has the final say on this matter. There is an open meeting at 9:00 am on Tuesday, January 30th at the Henry County Courthouse. Joe Buffington with the Planning and Zoning Commission will be in attendance for a public hearing at 10:00 am.

It must be noted that there are many “unknowns” surrounding this project, with many conversations still to be had.

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