Henry County Supervisors Discuss Changes to Alternative Energy Overlay Ordinance

A Tuesday morning Henry County Supervisors meeting saw plenty of citizens in attendance.

While the Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss provided a weekly update, it wasn’t him that most citizens were there for. While wind energy was not officially on the agenda, it is the topic that everybody seems to be interested in right now.

A request for guidance from the county attorney was sent in by the supervisors regarding the ordinance for Alternative Energy Overlay. To be safe, they would like to know what their legal responsibilities are.

It is supervisor Lindeen’s hope that by this Thursday they will have a concise document detailing the changes that the board wants to see from the ordinance. They would then present this to Joe Buffington, the Planning and Zoning Director. The Planning and Zoning Commission would meet to discuss the new proposed changes to the ordinance, and then discuss further with the Board of Supervisors. It must be stated that this ordinance is not final.

Lindeen also mention that the county will continue working on this ordinance in an orderly manner. What pace that is, he is unsure.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has a meeting for Tuesday, March 12th, at 6:00pm at the Henry County Courthouse. This work session is open to the public.

The supervisors are still taking emails from citizens regarding the proposed wind energy project in Henry County. Their email is supervisors@henrycountyiowa.us