House Candidate and Miller-Meeks Challenger, David Pautsch, Visits Mt. Pleasant

Pautsch addresses the Noon Rotary Club

The 2024 general election is coming up in November, but before that, primaries. David Pautsch is a new name in the political world, but he still is running for the House of Representatives, nonetheless. A republican, he hopes to usurp Mariannette Miller-Meeks for district one, due to his believing that she is a conservative who votes like a communist. Pautsch spoke at the Mount Pleasant Pizza Ranch in front of the noon rotary on Wednesday, and used the platform to voice his goals for if he is elected.

He mentioned that he is a big proponent of family, as he believes they are the building block of society. He would like to see families protected and consisting of one husband and one wife. He did admit that challenging an incumbent is a tall order, yet he does believe that he can defeat Miller-Meeks come June. In fact, he announced his candidacy all the way back on November 11th. A veteran, and father of two sons who have served, one who returned home with PTSD and the other who was killed in the line of duty, he thought Veterans Day was appropriate to file his papers.

Pautsch spoke about God multiple times and made no apology, as he is just following the Founding Fathers. He thinks it’s best to go back to the maker to get things figured out, as the people who are running this country are “in over their heads.” According to Pautsch, this country is like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic, but the ship has struck the iceberg. He thinks things need to change in a major way.

The topic of illegal immigration surfaced, which Pautsch believes is a major problem in this country. He then said that we need to halt all immigration, as terrorists are entering our country, and then took it one step further with calling for deportation. Finally, during a conversation with a constituent, he mentioned that he is in support of term limits.

The primaries take place on June 4th, 2024.