Sweet Corn Festival Princess Application

The Sweet Corn Festival is just a few months away and applications are now being accepted for the sweet corn festival princess. If you have a 4–8-year-old daughter as of August 8th, 2024, and they reside in Lee County, they can participate!

The princesses will be required to place a money jar, preferably a large coffee container, at a location of their choice. This can be a restaurant, gas station, office, or whatever works. The participants will then include their name and “2024 West Point Sweet Corn Festival Princess Competition, August 8th-11th, and any additional information they would like to share. Contestants are required to place their jars at the location of their choice at any time and the SCF Committee will pick them up the week of the festival.

The contestant who raised the most money will be crowned and honored with a crown, sash, and free ride tickets! The princess will also be invited to help the queen with her duties throughout the festival.

All the participants are invited to ride on the queen float in the parade on Sunday August 11th!

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkzBxg627hbcLXGUWC_1kGsi0O5l97uFL4rbb5AS7MKwxc6Q/viewform

For more information or any questions email wpcornfest@gmail.com.