Iowa Wesleyan Purchase Seemingly Grows Closer for MPCSD School Board After Meeting

The Mt. Pleasant Community School Board met in regular session on Monday, November 13th.

During the Superintendents report, the looming question of “what next” regarding Iowa Wesleyan property was brought up. As of Sunday, November 12th, the due diligence period has ended, and the attorneys are meeting to discuss a closing date for the 1.135-million-dollar purchase of “central campus.”

Reports from last night show that HOWE Hall, Student Union, and the Chapel, would cost the board just shy of 50 million dollars if they were to construct those buildings new. Of course, those buildings sit vacant, and the board is looking to purchase them for a fraction of the price.

For the practice field, the board is currently researching the best avenue for constructing a 6ft fence, and then building a 15-20ft netting on top. This is to prevent soccer balls from getting into neighboring lawns.

The board also discussed the possibility of building a traffic control light at the intersection of S Grand Avenue and E Harvest Drive, which is the entrance to the Highschool. This has been tabled for the time being as they perform more research and discussion.