Iowa Wesleyan Students Experience Cultures, Gain Perspective In Belize

In May 2022, six Iowa Wesleyan University students, accompanied by three faculty members, participated in a 16-day study abroad opportunity in Belize. This opportunity provided students a chance to learn and experience the distinct cultures of Belize, including Creole, Garifuna, Mayan, and Mestizos. Students learned both in lectures from world-class experts and by visiting important sites and locations. With several hours of free time scheduled in each city, students were also provided an opportunity to learn and engage with cultural elements that interested them.

“I was thoroughly impressed with our students who participated in our Belize study abroad program,” stated Dr. DeWayne Frazier, University Provost. “The students engaged in the program and were able to learn about the many cultures and ideologies of Belize. Even more importantly, they learned about themselves; the students who participated in the program have an entirely new perspective after these two weeks.” 

As Iowa Wesleyan welcomes greater diversity on campus and emphasizes globalization, efforts are being made to increase study abroad opportunities for students. “Study abroad will change your perspective on life,” noted Delaney Adams, a junior digital media design student. “It will open you up to new friendships you’d never expect and cultures you never knew about. Best of all, it will leave you with an open mind and the urge to expand your worldview.”