Justice is Served: Woman Apprehended After Two Years in Homicide by Car Case

Justice has been served after Burlington Police Officers arrested a woman who struck and killed a man with her car in 2021.

Megan Marie Kalar, 36 years old, was arrested after an investigation was completed into a fatality accident that occurred just after 9:00pm on February 26th, 2021. A blind man, Jacob Sexton, was walking home using a red and white cane and GPS on his phone, when he was struck by Kalar’s vehicle. He was transported to the University of Iowa Hospital and pronounced deceased at that time.

Officers spoke with Kalar at the time of the accident and noted signs of intoxication. After telling officers that she had not been drinking, she submitted to a breath test. The results of the test proved that Kalar’s blood alcohol content was over the legal limit.

Officers obtained a search warrant to obtain a blood sample from Kalar. This blood sample was sent to the Department of Criminal Investigation laboratory, where it was determined that the blood alcohol content was over the legal limit to drive a vehicle.

Kalar was charged with Homicide By Vehicle – Operating Under The Influence, a Class B felony, and Homicide By Vehicle – Reckless Driving, a Class C felony.