SCC and MMU Collaborate to Offer Education Degree Possibility

The presidents of Southeastern Community College and Mount Mercy University, MMU, signed an agreement on Monday that provides students a pathway to earn a four-year teaching degree. Students complete a specialized two-year program from SCC and then transfer to MMU for two years to complete the requirements for an education degree. MMU classes will be offered face-to-face on SCC’s West Burlington campus.

SCC President Dr. Michael Ash said strengthening our local education system is critical to the success of the region, “We’ve entered into numerous partnerships with other higher ed institutions but this one is special,” Ash said. “We’re educating our students to become educators themselves.”

This is vital for our communities and the growth of Iowa. Students will be able to acquire a four-year degree in the same region they went to preschool in.

In 2020, SCC launched education programs that would prepare students to enter the workforce within a childcare setting or continue to complete a teacher licensure program. In addition to students being able to directly enter the childcare workforce, students can choose from early childhood, elementary, and secondary programs to start their path toward a teaching degree.

In addition to dedicated coursework, students regularly engage with children in real-world childcare settings including Kiddie Campus and Kid Zone Day care centers and the Corse Early Childhood Center in Burlington.

Fueled by the initial success of SCC’s two-year programs, college officials looked to expand offerings and opportunities for students interested in pursuing teaching careers.

The resulting partnership agreement provides a seamless pathway for students who complete SCC’s elementary or early childhood education program to complete two more years with MMU right here. Select coursework will be taught by local education professionals and students will participate in field experiences every semester. Classes will be held on the West Burlington campus during the evening. Students can choose from three different teaching endorsements: early childhood education, reading and special education.

For more information on SCC’s education programs and the SCC-Mount Mercy University partnership, contact Dr. Ashlee Spannagel at (319) 208-5380.

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