KILJ’s Bracket Challenge Standings Through 2 Rounds

KILJ Bracket Challenge- With two rounds down in the Men’s NCAA Basketball National Championship and a lot of chaos in the books, it is time to see the standings for KILJ’s Bracket Challenge, which is sponsored by the Press Box and Wiley’s Interior Furnishings and Design.

The bracket “NettieO 1” is currently in 1st place after guessing 24 games right in the first round and 11 games correct in the second round. Additionally, the bracket still has their champion playing in UCLA. The brackets “broekerb 1” and “Dietz#1Fan 2” are tied for 2nd place as they both guessed 25 games correct in the first round and 10 games right in the second round, but both brackets have lost their champions.

There are six brackets tied for 5th and only 30 points behind “NettieO 1” that still have their champion alive in the tournament hunt.

The Sweet 16 will begin on March 23rd as Princeton is looking to pull a Saint Peter’s from last year as the Peacocks soared to the Elite 8 as a 15 seed, while Arkansas is looking to carry their momentum from defeating defending champion Kansas in the second round.

If you haven’t, make sure to email the name of your bracket and a phone number, so we can contact you if you finish in 1st or 2nd place!