Leave a Positive Message of Encouragement

A new opportunity is available to share your support and encouragement to frontline healthcare workers at Henry County Health Center.  Chalk your message or creative artwork in the squares in the Rehabilitation Services parking lot.


Due to road construction, traffic is restricted at the Rehabilitation Services parking lot on the very north end of the health center.  Four foot by four foot squares have been marked in chalk on that lot – each square at least six feet apart.  If you would like to share your support, simply bring your sidewalk chalk and put your message in one of the squares.   Put messages in as many squares as you wish but please remember to follow social distancing guidelines.  If you do not have sidewalk chalk, a bucket full is available by the Rehabilitation Services entrance.


Uplifting messages and artwork from all age groups are welcomed and squares are available for the next two to three weeks only during construction.  The Henry County Health Center Associate Care Team (ACT) Committee is responsible for this opportunity.  For more information, contact Kate Bentler at 319-385-6534 or Mark Hempen at 319-385-6541.