Middletown Ammunition Plant Expansion

The Middletown Ammunition plant announces a new estimated 1.5-billion-dollar expansion.

While many thought the war in Ukraine might need additional support from the United States, few must have realized that a small town in Iowa would have such an impact. The Middletown ammo plant is the only plant in the US that is producing the 155mm artillery shell, a vital round in the fight against Russia. The Ukrainian forces are estimating to be going through nearly 8,000 of these shells each day, which is far more than the plant can make. However, with this large expansion, it is estimated that the plant will be able to produce around 85,000 shells each month. The United States has already provided Ukraine with over 1 million 155mm rounds.

Of course, with expansion this means that more construction workers and manufacturing personnel with be in the area. It is currently estimated that this project will be completed in 2027.