Mount Pleasant Library Mini Gallery

The Mount Pleasant Arts IMPACT mini gallery, nested within the heart of the Public Library, is proud to announce the showcasing of one of Iowa City’s gems: artist Dee Miller’s vivacious and vibrant works. This exhibition, a testament to the power of resilience and creativity, is scheduled to delight visitors for the months of June and July.

With a style described as “whimsical”, Dee Miller’s artwork is a vibrant amalgamation of spirited birds, boldly stylized flowers, radiant sunflowers, quaint little houses, butterflies dancing above wildflowers, and the mesmerizing allure of bright blue skies on sunny days. Her work aims not just to paint a picture, but to paint a mood — one of joy, resilience, and optimism.

Beginning now through the end of July, visitors can explore Dee’s captivating world during the Public Library’s regular hours. The gallery is free and open to the public, offering an enchanting retreat into a world where the colors of resilience and hope shine brightly.

Experience the whimsy, feel the joy, and let Dee Miller’s art inspire you with its profound simplicity and its life-affirming message.

About the Mount Pleasant Arts IMPACT Mini Gallery 

The Mount Pleasant Arts IMPACT mini gallery is a hub of creative exploration, located within the city’s Public Library. It is committed to promoting local talent and encouraging community engagement with the arts.