Mt. Pleasant Citizens Express Frustration at MP City Council Meeting…

The Mt. Pleasant City Council listened to questions and citizen frustration for close to two hours Wednesday night at their regular session meeting.  It was the 1st reading of the Ordinance Amending Chapter 21 “Solid Waste” and Chapter 25 “Solid Waste Charges.  The City has signed a 5-year contract with two private garbage haulers to take over those services for the City of Mt. Pleasant.  At issue with the over 30 citizens in attendance were the cost of the private service and no choice to opt out of receiving the service.  Citizens spoke out about not receiving adequate notification and not having enough time to let their voice be heard by the council.  There were concerns about elderly or disabled citizens not being able to get the container to the curb, and those on a fixed income being able to afford the fee.

Mt Pleasant Mayor Steve Brimhall and City Administrator Brent Schleisman explained that the sticker system the city has been using caused a deficit this year. The city is unable to meet overhead costs because of workman’s compensation, rising insurance premiums, and would not have been able to purchase a new garbage truck that met insurance standards.  Another option discussed was raising the price of garbage stickers, but that would have caused residents to go to private trash haulers, as has happened in the past.  The City of Mt. Pleasant does not profit from the change to private trash haulers.

Citizens will be automatically charged $19.75 per month for a 95-gallon bin.  The only other option is a 65-gallon bin for $16.75 per month and residents must physically change to their plan to the smaller size online or by calling City Hall.  You have until April 1st, 2024, to make that change with no fee. The amended Solid Waste Collection fees will be shown on each residential monthly utility bill starting in March 2024.  If you would like to see the size of the bins, you will find them in that alley beside City Hall.

The trash pickup with Wemiga Waste and Lance Refuse will begin on February 7th, 2024, and citizens should be looking for a letter from the City of Mt. Pleasant during the next two weeks explaining the two options and giving residents more information.


See a copy of the Curbside Residential Solid Waste Collection Agreement between the City of Mount Pleasant, Wemiga Waste Inc., and Lance Refuse Inc.

Waste Agreement