Multiple Exercises for Henry County Emergency Management This Month

Henry County Emergency Management Coordinator, Walt Jackson, spoke with KILJ on Tuesday to discuss the busy month for his department. There will be multiple drills taking place in March which will see a large presence of law enforcement and first responders. He mentioned that there are many types of exercises, with two levels of intensity. A functional exercise is one in which you may see first responders, but it will essentially be a “walk-through.” Meanwhile, a full-scale drill, one of which is happening at the end of the month, will see lights and sirens.

The New London Community School District is partaking in a full-scale exercise, which has been named Operation Prom. Taking place on March 27th, highschoolers will have the opportunity to see the realities of what takes place at an accident scene.

Students will be part of a simulated accident and emergency response, providing a hands-on experience of the potential consequences of risky behaviors. As well as students and law enforcement, medical personnel, firefighters, life flight crews, and funeral home representatives will be on-site to interact with students.

Some of the material may be graphic in nature since it will be a simulated accident scene.

You may see a large presence of emergency responders in New London on Wednesday, March 27th. This is a simulated drill that will benefit the school district and the responders alike.