Monthly Gather at the Grange Event Aimed at Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Mt. Pleasant and Henry County

 MOUNT PLEASANT, IA NOV. 9 —Traction Steam, a nonprofit focused on economic development through entrepreneurship in Mount Pleasant, IA, is hosting the first monthly Gather at The Grange event. Area entrepreneurs and businesspeople interested in building the Mount Pleasant business community are invited and asked to register ahead of time on the Traction Steam website ( under Programming & Events). Event begins at 5 PM on Wednesday, November 17th at The Grange Public House, 129 W. Washington, St. in Mt. Pleasant, IA.


These monthly gatherings are aimed at building a small business community, supporting business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, and creating an environment where the business community can come together to support and encourage one another. Traction Steam call on all entrepreneurs and business owners from the Southeast Iowa region to this, and future events. While their aim is squarely on Mt. Pleasant, a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem will naturally require ties to other like-minded folks from around the area.


The Grange is a recently opened brewpub and restaurant in the heart of Mt. Pleasant on the southwest corner of the square. At this first meeting the owners of The Grange, Sue and Eric Sorenson, will share their story of taking a business from idea to realization, and some of their experiences as new businessowners in Henry County. There will be a mix and mingle portion of the night, as well as some additional information and resources that Traction Steam will make available to participants. Ultimately, the goal of the event is to begin the process of creating a local environment that fosters small business creation and growth. As such, anyone interested in small business or entrepreneurship are encouraged to attend. The group hopes to benefit from beginning entrepreneurs with a new idea, long-time business owners with an established operation, and all of those in between. A portion of the night will also be dedicated to strategic planning for the organization and the community writ large.


The group is focused on helping both existing and aspiring businesspeople. If you, or someone you know, has a business idea but isn’t sure how to convert it from an idea into reality, this is the place to bring it. The group believes a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is a critical need for growth and prosperity in the area, and a key component is participation by established businesses as well. While networking is an important part of the event, it is also geared towards helping businesses from the area solve problems and come together as a community to find ways to maximize efficiency. As the organization grows, more and more resources for entrepreneurs will become available.