Oakbrook Street Re-Construction

Warner Engineering has put out an update on the progress of the Oakbrook Street construction project in Mount Pleasant.  On Monday Kinney and Sons completed installing a new sanitary manhole. Today (Tuesday, May 10) crews will replace the storm intake on the west side of the cul da sac and on Wednesday will start removing concrete and drive-way approaches.

Hickey Contracting plans to start prepping for pouring concrete on May 16. Homeowners on the Oakbrook who need to can park on the vacant lot east of the Hassenfritz property as long as conditions remain dry.  If it does rain they will get those that they can back into their drives.  If crews are placing concrete in front of their house then those residents need to park out on Oakbrook Drive.

Weather permitting this project should move along fairly quickly according to Warner Engineering. If anyone has questions or concerns you may call Mount Pleasant Public Works Department or Warner Engineering at 39-385-4180 ext 103.