Parents Share Lincoln School Concerns With Board

Parents, a former teacher and a student addressed the Mount Pleasant School Board Monday night sharing concerns about classroom behaviors at Lincoln School.  Nine parents, a grandparent who was also a retired teacher and former Lincoln school teacher who still subs stood up to read prepared statements. The parents feel there are no consequences for bad behavior and that there is lack of support to hold students accountable. They said the violent actions of children in the class room are scaring the other students, creating emotional distress.  One family has moved their child to a different building in the district.A high school student who also attended Lincoln shared her feelings and the problems she still deals with after seeing and dealing with the issues in her classroom at Lincoln. There is also concern that the district is losing good, long time teachers because they are physically and mentally exhausted from dealing with these situations. And that overall, teacher moral is low.The parents also feel there is no communication between teachers and administrators or between parents and the school. The group asked for help for teachers. The Lincoln building leadership was also called into question. And while, the group understands there are no easy answers and implementing improvements can be a long process, they still are demanding action and feel the board should hold the administration’s feet to the fire.  They offered solutions and action items such as better communication, creating time and space for supportive programs, returning to same-grade schools and fast tracking new facilities. Sarah Donnelly gave the board a detailed behavior guide from another school district. The group pushed for making changes now but offered support. Many who spoke and who were in attendance were graduates of Mount Pleasant Schools.  The Board and Superintendent listened. Board President Jennifer Crull said their concerns will be taken into consideration.  Board member Josh Maher did say later in the agenda that he had visited with Lincoln Principal Lori LaFrenze to find out what the board can do to help. She told him she needs space and staff.