Please Conserve Electricity

Due to unseasonably high temperatures, please conserve electricity. Your energy providers continue to do everything possible to meet your energy needs. Associated Electric Cooperative, the power supplier for six regional generation and transmission cooperatives and 51 distribution cooperatives in Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma, including Access Energy Cooperative, have notified member systems that energy supplies may be tight on June 16 and June 17. Everyone can help make a difference by conserving energy the rest of this week from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., when peak energy use occurs.

This conservation appeal was triggered by the unseasonably hot weather pattern, unplanned outages at three of Associated’s generating units, and projections of declining wind power at the wind farms for Thursday and Friday.

During the severe winter storm in February 2021, members made a difference by conserving energy to help the system through that energy peak event, and the system served by Associated experienced no service interruptions. Everyone is being asked once again to help conserve energy. Members can help conserve energy by:

    • Raising thermostats a few degrees. For example, if a normal setting for a member’s home is 75 degrees, raise it to 78 degrees.
    • Limiting the use of large appliances.
    • Unplugging devices that are not in use.
    • Turning off unnecessary lights and fans.

Please safely conserve electricity as we all endure this weather event. The employees of Access Energy Cooperative, NE Missouri Electric Power Cooperative and Associated Electric Cooperative continue to do everything possible to ensure safe and reliable power for members.