Remember These Tips if You’re Stuck in Winter Weather

With winter weather eventually coming, driving becomes a chore. One that you have to intensely focus on, as you attempt to navigate a slick roadway with snow attacking your line of sight. Everyone wants to make it home safely, but we also know that emergencies happen.

Thankfully, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shared some helpful information that you should remember when in an emergency.

If you are stopped or stalled in wintry weather, stay focused on yourself and your passengers, your car, and your surroundings.

Stay with your car and don’t overexert yourself. Do not leave your vehicle and instead stay in the shelter.

Make sure that your car is seen by putting bright markers on the antenna or windows. You can also keep your interior dome light on.

Carbon monoxide poisoning poses a real risk in a winter storm. Make sure your exhaust pipe is clear of any snow, and only run your car sporadically.