Republican Caucus Results

Update: 10:29pm – Vivek Ramaswamy has dropped out of the race. He has endorsed former President Donald Trump.

Update at 9:57pm – Henry County: Haley regains 3rd place with 82 votes. DeSantis in a strong second with 123, while Trump sits in first, as he does in all other counties, with 436.

Update at 9:34pm – Henry County: Vivek Ramaswamy now enters third place after overtaking Nikki Haley in Henry County. 60% of votes for the county have been totaled.


With 48% of the votes counted in Henry County, Trump carries 63% of the votes at 211. Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are in a close match for 2nd, with the former at 58 votes and the latter at 56.

With 32% of the vote in Lee County,  65% of the vote goes to the former president, while DeSantis has 17% and Haley has 11%.

95% of the votes are counted in Des Moines County, as Trump has 728 votes which counts for 59%. DeSantis has a stronger grasp on second, with 21% compared to Haley’s 12.