Republican Caucus Sees Trump Win, DeSantis Second in Henry County

The 2024 Caucuses took place yesterday evening, and despite the snow and wind chills best attempt, many voters still made their voices known.

The Republican caucus saw 672 voters in Henry County. 64.88 percent voted for Trump, who saw the entire State get behind him. Winning all but one county (Johnson), in which Nikki Haley beat him by a single vote. Haley didn’t have the same strong showing in Henry County, garnering just over 12% of the vote, while Ron DeSantis saw nearly 20% of Henry County voters choose him.

At 60% of votes tallied, it appeared that Vivek Ramaswamy was ahead of Haley in third place, yet once all votes came in, he dropped into fourth. He then dropped out of the race entirely, suspending his campaign as he did not see a clear path to the White House. He then endorsed Donald Trump.

All results are unofficial until the state Republican Party canvasses the results. We will know more in the coming days.