Supervisors Discuss Wind Energy at Meeting

The Henry County Supervisors met on Tuesday morning for a regular board meeting. Supervisor White brought up wind energy, which is a hot topic in Henry County currently, and mentioned that the supervisors need to discuss the wind ordinance. The first reading of the changes to the ordinance were tabled last week due to Senate Study Bill 3169, which would see State law trump County on issues laid out in wind energy ordinances. However, that bill is “dead” and did not continue through the Senate.

Joe Buffington, the Henry County Planning and Zoning Director was in attendance to answer questions and provide input. Board chair Moeller believes that the setback distance proposed of the height of the turbine multiplied by 2 is not enough. He said that was his personal opinion but would like to look further into setting the turbines back 1/3rd of a mile.

A moratorium was then discussed. Joe Buffington said that there has been no application for a moratorium at this moment. Supervisor White believes that a moratorium would be used for public input if one were to be in place. Buffington stated that there needs to be a reason for a halt. It seems that the supervisors are going to meet with the county attorney to discuss this further.

When supervisor White told the room he would like to see a visual of turbines at different setback distances, a citizen provided a map of such. Buffington then mentioned that he will create something as well.

The supervisors mentioned how they are reading through emails sent from citizens regarding this potential wind farm project. Supervisor Lindeen has been reading through ordinances from other counties.

There is a Planning and Zoning meeting on March 12th at the Henry County Courthouse at 6:00pm. This meeting is open to the public.