Train derailment into Mississippi River near Montrose

At approximately 11:50 PM on November 13, 2021 a train collided with a barge that had been parked along the shore of the Mississippi River near Montrose in Lee County, Iowa. The southbound train operated by BNSF hit the stationary barge, derailing two locomotives and overturning several coal cars between the main line and side track. Several hundred gallons of diesel was released on the ballast material, and was seeping into the Mississippi River from the locomotive fuel tank.  A number of coal cars spilled an unknown quantity of coal into the river. No injuries were reported.

Iowa DNR is working with local emergency responders, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Coast Guard.

Media contact: DNR Field Office 6 Environmental Specialist, Caroline Davis at or  319-460-0099 or Kurt Levetzow, DNR Field Office 6 Supervisor, at or 319-653-8081.