Two Residents Enjoy 100th Birthday Celebrations

Wayland, Iowa. A small town with a population of 975 people. Some would say it’s just a “pass over town” or may think that excitement is hard to come by. However, the town had much to celebrate on June 22nd, 2023, as not just one, but two residents of Parkview Home turned 100 years old on the same day.

Betty Messer and Mary Olson have both lived very different lives, taking them to places such as Illinois, Hawaii, and now they both share a home at the Parkview Home in Wayland. Incredibly, they also share their birthday with a third resident who turned 89, and the dog that brightens up the resident’s lives every Monday, Ticker. Adding all of the special birthdays (including the dog) reveals 300 combined years of life to celebrate.

It certainly was a celebration, with cake and ice-cream, pictures of the birthday girls down the years, and mementos that they have kept as the times change. Family from all over the country came to visit. Friends were made, many photos were taken, and the girls even ended the celebration by taking a ride in a limousine.

Although the year may have changed, Mary Olson said that she never thinks of life that way. In fact, she tells us to all “take life one day at a time.” I am thankful both ladies shared wisdom, and I am looking forward to their 101st.