Virus Outbreak in the Correctional Facility

A spike in positive COVID-19 cases in Henry County since Thursday can be traced to an outbreak at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility. According to Deputy Warden Marcy Stroud there are 33 positive cases and all but three are asymptomatic. There are also two staff members who tested positive. The positive cases were discovered thru testing. Henry County Public Health Director Shelley Van Dorin met with facility administration Friday morning and said she is confident in the prison’s mitigation plan. Stroud said staff has been following guidelines such as wearing the appropriate PPE but somehow virus showed up in the facility. She said the offenders who are positive have been moved to a separate unit and for now the others are restricted to their living units. Stroud also said testing will continue. She commended her staff, calling them Heroes for working on the units without air conditioning while wearing personal protective equipment and still managing the troops. At the same time, the number of positive cases in Henry County is still increasing. Van Dorin said the virus is in every town in the county. She strongly urges everyone to wear masks, social distance, avoid crowds and large groups,and wash hands. She realizes people are getting tired of these precautions but said if everyone can continues for another few months there will hopefully be a vaccine.