2022 Girls’ State Golf Tournament Class 1A Update

We have another live update from the 2022 girls state golf tournament where New London is competing in Class 1A. Part of the first day of results are in and are as follows:
Taylor Phillips is currently tied for 3rd place at 11 over par and an overall score of 82.
Sophie Mallott is tied for 22nd with 21 over par and an overall score of 92.
Emma Nye is tied for 41st at 29 over par with an overall score of 100.
Saige Barron is currently placed 52nd at 33 over par and an overall score of 104.
Emma Busby is currently tied for 39th with 5 holes to go and 29 over par.
Stevey Wintermeyer is currently tied for 56th with 6 holes left and 36 over par.
New London is currently in 4th place at 90 over par. We are excited to see what the lady tigers bring to the course tomorrow. Teams will tee off at 8:30 a.m.
These live results are made possible by Deerwood Golf Club in New London.