2022 Swine Show Judging Results at the Lee County Fair

Crossbred Breeding Champion: Brody Moeller

Crossbred Breeding Reserve Champion: Brody Moeller

Purebred Breeding Champion: Jaren Gerdes

Purebred Breeding Champion: Riley Stucker

Champion Breeding Gilt: Brody Moeller

Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Brody Moeller

3rd Overall Breeding Gilt: Jaren Gerdes

4th Overall Breeding Gilt: Ward Fraise

5th Overall Breeding Gilt: Riley Stuecker

Champion Derby Gilt: Jayden Mueller

Champion Derby Barrow: Alex Schwartz

Champion Derby Swine: Alex Schwartz

Reserve Champion Derby Swine: Jayden Mueller

Champion Derby Carcass: Taylor Jones

Reserve Champion Derby Carcass: Zoey Jones

1st Place Rate of Gain: Taylor Jones

2nd Place Rate of Gain: Zoey Jones

Champion Competitive Swine Barrow: Zoey Jones

Champion Competitive Swine Gilt: Taylor Jones

Champion Competitive Swine Live: Taylor Jones

Reserve Champion Competitive Swine Live: Jalyn Hawk

Champion Junior Competitive Swine Overall: Kaylee Moeller

Champion Intermediate Competitive Swine Overall: Jalyn Hawk

Champion Senior Competitive Swine Overall: Josh Hawk

Champion Market Gilt: Haley Lampe

Champion Market Barrow: Brody Moeller

Purebred Market Champion: Jaren Gerdes

Purebred Market Reserve Champion: Riley Stuecker

Champion Market Swine Carcass: Owen Weisinger

Reserve Champion Market Swine Carcass: Grant Hasenclever

Champion Market Swine: Haley Lampe

Reserve Champion Market Swine: Jaren Gerdes

3rd Overall Market Swine: Riley Stuecker

4th Overall Market Swine: Brody Moeller

5th Overall Market Swine: Owen Swan

Supreme Champion Swine: Haley Lampe

Champion Senior Swine Showperson: Cameron Nabors

Champion Intermediate Swine Showperson: Adelyn Lampe

Champion Junior Swine Showperson: Owen Weisinger

Champion Advanced Swine Showperson: Haley Lampe