Additional Information Regarding Henry County EMS

The Henry County Board of Supervisors recently approved a resolution declaring Henry County Emergency Medical Services (HCEMS) as an essential county service. HCEMS is owned by the Henry County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees. There is a $0.27 property tax levy which funds the service.

In May 2021, Iowa code provided county supervisors the authorization to impose a tax levy in support of EMS, due to EMS not being considered an essential service such as police and fire departments. This designation of “essential county service” is up to the voter.

The change comes from the revenue shortfalls, which will make the future sustainability of EMS impossible. Several counties have this say issue on upcoming ballots, including Henry County.

A public vote of atleast 60% majority on September 10th, would ensure that this service will continue. In this instance, the $0.27 cent current tax levy would be removed from the hospital budget and replaced with a new $0.75 cent essential services tax.

So, what does this mean for the average tax payer? With the current tax levy, a property assessed just over $115,000, with a net taxable value of $62,853, generates a $2,466 tax bill. With a $0.48 cent tax increase, the same tax bill would be $2,496, which is approximately a $30 change for the entire year, or $2.50 extra per month.

Additional information about EMS as an essential service will be given in the following weeks.