Auditor Shelly Barber conducts post-election audit in Henry County to ensure integrity of the vote

Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber conducted a successful post-election audit of two races in the November election on November 18, 2022. Ballots in the Precinct 3 were hand counted by election workers to ensure they matched the totals reported by the ballot tabulator. The precinct was randomly selected by the Secretary of State following Election Day. The gubernatorial race and constitutional amendment ballot measure were audited. The results matched 100%.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate added another layer of protection to Iowa’s electoral process this year by expanding post-election audits to include the statewide constitutional amendment question. All 99 counties are required to conduct a hand-count audit of two races following the November 2022 general election. In previous elections, they audited only the gubernatorial or presidential race.

Auditor Shelly Barber would like to thank all the Precinct Election Officials who worked so hard to help this election go very well and most of all her staff who worked many long hard hours to have everything done according to the Code of Iowa.

“I’d like to thank the county auditors and our more than 10,000 election officials and poll workers across the state for their hard work this year,” Secretary Pate said. “We conducted another fair, secure election in Iowa and these hand count audits are one more way we ensure the integrity of the vote.”

Every ballot tabulator in Iowa undergoes a public pre-election audit to ensure it will count votes accurately on Election Day. Post-election audits are mandatory in all 99 counties following each election.

For more information about election security in Iowa, visit the Secretary of State’s website at Information about casting your ballot is available at