City Approves SRO, Last Step is School Board Final Approval

The Mount Pleasant City Council gave it’s blessing to sharing a police officer with the Mount Pleasant School District.  Before it’s a done deal, the school board will have to give its’ final approval at the November 14 school board meeting.  The City has agreed to pay 30 percent of the officer’s salary and the School district will be responsible for 70%. Chief Murray said the number of police calls to the High School and Middle School warrant putting a School Resource Officer in place.  Chief Lyle Murray has tapped Brad Gillis for the job. As the district’s school resource officer, Gillis would still be a City employee.  He will not be a school disciplinarian but if the building principal believes an incident is in violation of the law then the SRO will be contacted and he will determine if law enforcement action is appropriate. The SRO should establish a rapport with students and could be involved in programming for students, conferences with students, staff and/or parents.  This position should have knowledge of resources that could benefit students in need like mental health resources. The SRO will also work with the building principals and the police chief to determine other ways he can benefit the district. It is likely the School Board will give final approval and then Officer Gillis will begin his SRO duties on January 1.