Crash Details

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has released the details of a crash that occurred  May 13th, at approximately 8:45 a.m.  Dispatch received a report of a motor vehicle collision in the 2100-grid of Highway 218.  Initial reports were unsure if a single vehicle or multiple vehicles were involved.  An investigation into the collision determined a car and a commercial motor vehicle were involved.  It was determined Monty Heston, of Birmingham, was merging onto north bound Highway 218 as Clarence Stahl, of Aberdeen, South Dakota, was traveling north on Highway 218.  The rear of the Heston vehicle collided with the front of the Stahl commercial motor vehicle.  The Heston vehicle went into a rear wheel skid and hit the bridge railing.  The Heston vehicle came to rest in the median.  Only minor injuries were reported.