HCHC Board Meeting

The Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees met in regular session Tuesday.  In regard to the hospital’s COVID 19 response CEO Robb Gardner told the board that HCHC is prepared. Clinical guidelines are in place to determine which patients can be kept at HCHC for care. HCHC also has the expertise to care for those who made need to be placed on a ventilator but in this case it would be best for the patient to go to a facility with a higher level of care. Gardner said the safety of the staff is a priority.  Each associate is screened each shift on arrival and upon leaving  and all wear masks in addition to the other safety procedures.  Visitors were restricted early on.  Those allowed in the facility are screened and wear masks. Preserving PPE is a concern but Gardner said, overall, COVID 19 response has had a huge financial impact on the hospital.  Non-emergent surgeries are being postponed.  Out-patient treatments are being limited and those account for the biggest share of the revenue. CFO Dave Muhs noted weekly revenues were off by about 50%.  He said a challenging year has become significantly more challenging financially. Muhs did say HCHC received $700,000 in federal stimulus funds.  These must be specifically earmarked. He was able to earmark the funds for revenue reduction.  There was also a grant for $84,000 that will be used for computers and PPE.  Muhs hopes he can apply for more dollars if the federal government votes for another round of stimulus money.