Lee County Fair Judging Results from the Horse Show and the Poultry Show

Horse Show:

Grand Champion Halter: Justin Snider

Reserve Grand Champion Halter: Emma Smith

Champion Senior Showmanship: Halie Coulter

Champion Intermediate Showmanship: Baylor Ferreira

Champion Junior Showmanship: Bailey Palmer

Champion Senior Horsemanship: Halie Coulter

Champion Junior Horsemanship: Bailey Palmer

Poultry Show:

Champion Poultry:  Sidney Gruntmeir

Reserve Champion Poultry: Allison Gruntmeir

Champion Duck: Justin Snider

Champion Senior Fowl Showperson: Shanna Buford

Champion Intermediate Fowl Showperson: Baylor Ferreira

Champion Junior Fowl Showperson: Madison Hassman

Champion Advanced Fowl Showperson: Justin Snider