Results from the Lee County Fair Dog, Small Pets and Rabbit Shows

Dog Show

Champion Pre-Novice A Handling-1st Year: Maggie Mullins

Champion Pre-Novice B Handling-2nd Year: Ahnna Sciumbato

Champion Novice Handling: Kelli Meierotto

Champion Pre-Novice A Obedience-1st Year: Madison Hassman

Champion Pre-Novice B Obedience: Arabella McDowell

Champion Novice Obedience: Kelli Meierotto

Small Pets/Rabbit Show:

Champion Commercial Rabbit: Baylor Ferreira

Reserve Champion Commercial Rabbit: Lucas Wenke

Champion Fancy Rabbit: Madison Hassman

Reserve Champion Fancy Rabbit: Keely Calvert

Grand Champion Overall Rabbit: Madison Hassman

Champion Best of Fur-Normal: Baylor Ferreira

Champion Best of Fur-Satin: Kayla Wenke

Champion Best of Fur-Rex: Madison Hassman

Champion Best of Fur-Wool: Allison Gruntmeir

Senior Rabbit Showperson: Allison Gruntmeir

Intermediate Rabbit Showperson: Baylor Ferreira

Junior Rabbit Showperson: Arabella McDowell