Rural Burlington Fire

At 9:51 AM Saturday July 24, 2021, the Burlington Fire Department responded to a reported
structure fire at 14608 HWY 99, rural Burlington, in Tama Township. Mediapolis Fire
Department also responded on automatic aid. The first firefighter arrived on scene at 10:00 AM
and reported a large outbuilding with fire showing. A box alarm was then struck which resulted
in Gladstone, Danville, and West Burlington Fire Departments being added to the response. Due
to the bridge work on HWY 99 at Flint Creek, crews were required to take a lengthy detour.
The fire was contained to a 75’ by 40’ metal shop building owned by Richard McClure. The
building sustained substantial damage and is considered a total loss. Witnesses state the fire
started in an RV parked inside the metal shop building. Damage estimates for the structure and
contents are still being assessed, but together may exceed $200,000.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Burlington Fire Department and is not
considered suspicious.
Twelve on-duty Burlington firefighters responded to the call from various locations in the city.
The mutual aid departments altogether provided 15 additional firefighters along with 4 additional
water tenders. Seven off-duty Burlington firefighters were called in to assist. Deputies with Des
Moines County Sheriff’s department helped at the scene and the Auxiliary to Local 301 provided
food. Two Burlington firefighters were transported to Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center
with heat-related injuries and have since been released. Firefighters cleared the scene at 3:52
PM. There were no further injuries.